Hamdard University

The Chancellor

Madam Sadia Rashid:

As I write this to you, Dear student – Prospective or Present – I will pay you the compliment of presuming you want an education – not just a Degree.

For those unfortunate enough to belong to the second category, there is little, if anything, to say. They would be satisfied with scraping through or even cheating. Then there‘s the ultimate low: A fake degree.

But for those who realize that there can be no true respect without self-respect, for those who want to learn, not just add a few initials after their name: Welcome to Hamdard University.

lts Founder-Chancellor, Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said, wanted for its University – as for everything in Hamdard – a combination of the best of both worlds: the old and the new, the traditional and the modern, the principled and the pragmatic. Continuing to aim for his goals, we do our utmost to provide the best we can: of facilities, environment, faculty.
But as always and everything in life, it is a two-way street. Only a good student can truly value and gain from a good teacher. As the old adage says: “There are none so blind as those who will not see”. We can provide classrooms, computers, libraries, equipment, teachers; but only you can make use of them, only you can study, learn, prove your worth – not your parents, not your professors.

And the prize is well worth the effort. For true education is absorbed, assimilated, and enriches you. And these are riches no one can ever steal from you. Whatever you choose to do with your life, know that your Alma mater- and 1- wish you well, and pray for your success.