Quality Enhancement Cell

Activities of QEC

  1. Quarterly Progress Reports (QPR)
  2. Yearly Progress Report (YPR)
  3. Data for Ranking
  4. Statistical Data
  5. SARs

Self-Assessment Report (SAR)

  • QEC launches SA through the respective Dean, one semester prior to the assessment.
  • Department forms the Program Team (PT) that will be responsible for preparing SAR.
  • QEC reviews the documentation within a month.


  • The Vice Chancellor constitutes the Assessment Team (AT) in consultation with the concerned Dean based on the recommendation of the QEC.
  • QEC plans and fixes AT visit.
  • The AT conducts assessment and presents its findings to QEC, Dean, Program Team (PT) and Department Faculty.
  • The QEC submits an executive summary to the Vice Chancellor.
  • Department prepares implementation plans.
  • Follow up of the implementation plan by QEC.

QEC Resources

  • Self-Assessment Manual
  • International Accreditations
  • International Collaborations
  • Research Publications
  • Plagiarism Policy
  • Non-voting membership of Statutory bodies
  • QEC Website
  • Participation / contribution in International / National Events
  • Participation in HEC Organized events