Office of the Student Affairs


The department functions under the direct supervision of Director General Islamabad Campus to have understanding of the issues and direct accessibility of the students to the management at all the times. OSA is the bridge that links each student with the University, providing one-stop effective academic services to the students.

The main objective of the OSA is to provide efficient and prompt services to the students in resolving problems as well as creating environment for students to succeed academically and socially is exercised through continuous effort. Following is the mandate of the Students’ Affairs Department:

  • Promoting a campus environment through community development which cultivates a sense of belonging;
  • Responding to all needs and requirements of the students at Campus and outside Campus;
  • Promoting relationships based on mutual respect and reinforcing core values among our students
  • Engaging students, an enterprising activities that help build decision-making skills, be independent learners and take responsibility for choices and actions
  • Facilitating students and families in situations by providing onand off campus resources as situations arise
  • Empowering students as leaders to remain engaged in community issues
  • Creating opportunities for students to remain academically successful, professionally and socially responsive
  • Collaborating strategically with the campus community and on campus as well;
  • Advocating for all students for their legitimate rights

Incorporating a sense of responsibility among the students to realize their duties and responsibilities towards the University, community, society and the Country