Hamdard University

Mission & Goals

Hamdard University is the culmination of the vision of Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said, Founder Chancellor of the University, President of Hamdard Foundation Pakistan and Founder President of Madinat al-Hikmah. 

He symbolized the ethos and aspirations of the Pakistani nation and their fulfillment as enshrined in the creation of the country by Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and ideals set forth by poet-philosopher Allama Mohammad Iqbal. Hakim Said, in essence, carried forward the spirit, which guided the Muslim renaissance in the sub-continent through education, started by Late Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. The idea of Pakistan, according to Hakim Mohammed Said could only come to fruition if education became the hard rock of its foundation, harmonizing the imperative of modern life and the quintessential values of Islam. 

Hamdard University is a giant step forward toward realizing the holistic perspective of higher education in which there is a well-rounded development of an individual, in which values of higher knowledge and advancement, material progress and prosperity are tempered with moral, spiritual, social and cultural norms and propriety. 

Hamdard University ever since its inception is striving to achieve the highest standard of excellence in teaching and research, comparable to any international University and institute of repute. It has endeavored to mobilize enough resources to build the requisite infrastructure for imparting the latest knowledge and information in the diverse fields of science technology and professional disciplines. 

The University attracts the best academic faculty of the country, who are not only competent in their fields but are models for students to emulate, who ignite the spirit of quest and inquiry and lay heavy premium on creativity and innovative thinking. The University doors are open for students of all strata of society, irrespective of faith and creed, but without compromising on merit, quality and competence the hallmark of our academic culture. We are committed to tolerance for others’ views and ideas and for preserving the values that sustain a pluralistic society. It is an institution where liberal and modern values are promoted and inculcated without compromising on Islamic character and identity.