Hamdard University

Vision & Mission


To preserve, and disseminate knowledge by achieving the highest level of excellence at par with best institutions of the world.


  • To provide a superior liberal education.
  • To be a catalyst to the intellectual growth of the students.
  • To inculcate high ethical standards in students.
  • To prepare students for future members of the learned professions.
  • To advance the frontiers of knowledge and contribute boldly to the international community of scholarship.
  • To help alleviate suffering through, both, sympathy and action.
  • To provide wide-ranging educational opportunities on and beyond our campuses.


  • To enhance the University’s learning environment.
  • To provide comprehensive high quality educational and research opportunities.
  • To make Hamdard University’s academic programs meet the changing needs of students and the challenges of the 21st century.
  • To attract and retain excellent students, as well as staff