Hamdard Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Community Engagement Programs

Community engagement is about involving the community in decision-making processes, which is critical in the successful development of acceptable policies and decisions in government, the private sector and the community. To achieve this objective, Hamdard Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences launched Hamdard Community Engagement Program in the year 2012. The objective of the program is to promote health-seeking behavior in educational institutions and community that not only contributes in physical development and improved health of students and public but also spin-off improved awareness about health issues among the parents and local community as well. Hamdard Community Engagement program is divided into two major components: provision of health-related services and provision of health education and awareness.

Health Services: Screening of chronic diseases and infections through physical examination and lab testing such as glucose, liver function tests, renal function tests, lipid profile, complete blood count, clotting profile, hepatitis B and C testing etc. Free consultation and medicines are also provided as a part of health services.

Health Education: Face to face education and seminars on different public health issues of prime importance such as chronic disease self-management, immunizations, first aid, hygiene, nutrition, medication administration and storage. 

Hamdard Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences has set up its community engagement program in urban as well as rural communities of Islamabad and areas in the vicinity such as Mehra Bhagwal, Murree, Shah Allah Ditta, Khannapul and G7 sector of Islamabad. More than 2500 patients have been screened and provided consultation and medicines.