Hamdard Institute of Management Sciences


Journal of Business and Social Innovation

The Journal of Business and Social Innovation is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal being launched in January 2018 by the Faculty of Management Sciences, Hamdard Institute of Management Sciences, Hamdard University, Islamabad. The Journal is published biannually with ISSN number 2519-7312. The researchers and academicians are encouraged to submit research articles in the fields of Management, Marketing, Finance, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Knowledge Management, and HRM which may help in meeting national and international challenges.

The authors are required to submit articles to the journal by email on JBSI@hamdard.edu.pk.

Aims and Scope

Journal of Business and Social Innovation (JBSI) aims to promote the researches in the area that help build national harmony on the important issues related to enhance quality of the industry, business and social services practices in Pakistan. The journal also aims to engage the academic community through effective communication with key stakeholders who provides synergistic solutions.

JBSI considers integrating business and social organizations in the process of business and social innovation having strategic purposes. One of the purposes is to promote thinking, particularly among youth that how they could be an enterprising entity and part of the workforce based on new tools and techniques for the effective organization business and social services and be part of the mainstream of national and international developments. This way we may better strategize our key initiatives that generate spirit in the nation promoting a culture of peace, progress and prosperity. The journal aims to focus on issues that stakeholders (business schools, students, entities and professionals) encounter in real life; how the application of empirical and scientific research may perceptibly provide sustainable solutions to such issues. As a team, we anticipate to collect information that would help create knowledge in the field of business and social innovation contributing to society and the economy.