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This is to inform all applicants that Admissions are closed in Pharm D degree program for semester Fall 2020.
This is to inform all applicants that second admission test (online) of HIET and HIMS degree programs will be held on 20th July, 2020.

Hamdard Institute of Management Sciences

Director’s Message

At this critical juncture of the nation’s economy, refocusing and restructuring is needed to rebuild growth, jobs and economic activity. Appropriately educated and trained human resource is central to this endeavor, and Hamdard University aspires to be at the forefront of this journey. The business faculty of the university bears the responsibility to educate and conduct research that results in the launch of new businesses, strengthening existing businesses, and revitalizing all sectors of the economy. It is a daunting yet inspiring challenge.

Let me assure you that we are meeting this challenge, and will exceed expectations, InshaAllah. With a historic legacy, inspiring foundations in eastern medicine, education and research laid by our founder, Hakim Said Sb, collaboration with a broad range of faculties within our university, and close working with industry, the Hamdard Institute of Management Sciences (HIMS) is keenly focused to lead in supplying able and adept graduates and scholars for our industry, and conduct critical research to answer important questions in the world of business. In Islamabad, we work closely with our Pharmacy and Engineering faculties.

With a robust presence in key business centers of Islamabad and Karachi, HIMS is engaged in providing management human resource for industry’s present needs, and is also preparing for future requirements. The changes of 2020 have permanently transformed business and the education sector; where swift evolution was taking place earlier anyway. Any university that wishes to stay relevant in the education landscape of the future must reinvent itself rapidly, or be relegated to the dustbin of history. Hamdard University and HIMS are transforming fast.

This can be seen by our broad menu of programs, customized to different sectors such as healthcare, information technology, tourism and Islamic banking. Our educational offerings range from short certificate courses to PhD programs. We even customize our programs to suit the needs of individual companies. We are willing to rapidly adjust to the needs of the market.

We welcome you to our purpose-built campus at Chak Shahzad. Our teaching facilities and faculty are world class. Our research is published in top international journals. We are working closely with government to address the many diverse challenges facing the nation today. Our alumni network is vast and well-placed in local and multinational companies. Our job placement rates are impressive.

At HIMS, we have a culture that strongly catalyzes entrepreneurship. We encourage students to start businesses while they are in university, and have an infrastructure in place that supports them in this endeavor. We believe that business education includes entrepreneurship, coursework, internships and research. Only through an entrepreneurial wave will Pakistan build a robust economy, create sufficient jobs and attain prosperity, InshaAllah.

Come join us in this exciting journey! Our programs change and courses adjust as fast as the economy and the market. Come with a strong idea, present your case, back it up with evidence, and you will not find us saying no. We are a business school that aspires to move with the market, if not ahead of it.

Pakistan has the good fortune of being in the heart of Asia, the fastest growing region of the world. We have a young population, a fairly robust technology infrastructure, a corporate sector with high potential, and many problems to solve, each one of which can be the basis of a new startup. We are central to the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), and our export and agriculture sector has the potential to take off significantly. There is a lot of work for the business world to do in Pakistan. Come join us at HIMS, as we power ahead in this exciting journey. See you on campus!

Mueen Batlay
Hamdard Institute of Management Sciences (HIMS)