Faculty of Engineering Sciences & Technology


The library is the beating heart of an academic institution and focal point for the intellectuals of society. HIET has a multidisciplinary library serving the faculty, students, researchers and staff of the university. The library started with a modest collection and has gradually added new volumes to its collection and has improved significantly under the guidance of Library Committee who has contributed to improving the quality and quantity of standard literature. The library subscribes to several scholarly national as well as international journals and periodicals in various disciplines, particularly in electrical, electronics, computer science, and telecommunication. The library staff is always on duty to assist students. The present collection of books for various programs is summarized below.

Discipline Number of Books
Engineering (Electrical, Electronics, Telecommunication) 2556
Computer Science 1585
Literature 364
Philosophy 49
Social Science 720
Languages 37
History 123
Religion 166
Pure science 375
Fine arts 35
Reference books 74
E-Books 294
Total collection 6381



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  • Internet Facilities
  • Wi-Fi Facility
  • Scanner
  • Printer
  • OPAC
  • PC for staff
  • HEC Digital Library
  • Book Bank

Library Services:

  • Reference Service.
  • Circulation Services.
  • Book Bank Services.
  • Current Awareness services (CAS)
  • Selective Dissemination Information (SDI)
  • Interlibrary Services.
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Research journals & Magazines

The HIET subscribes over 20 international journals of reputes pertaining to relevant programs being undertaken.  This facility provides easy access to faculty members & research students of target research papers etc.  The following journals are being subscribed.

S.No Name of Journals/Magazines Current Status
1. Spectrum IEEE Currently Subscribed
2. Control Systems Magazine IEEE Currently Subscribed
3. Industrial Electronics Magazine IEEE Currently Subscribed
4. Circuit and System Magazine IEEE Currently Subscribed
5. Communication Magazine Currently Subscribed
6. Electron Devices Society Newsletters IEEE Currently Subscribed
7. IEEE Transaction on Circuit and Systems Part I Currently Subscribed
8. IEEE Transaction on Control System Technology Currently Subscribed
9. IEEE Transaction on Electron Devices Currently Subscribed
10. IEEE Transaction on Industrial Electronics Currently Subscribed
11. IEEE Transaction on Communications Currently Subscribed
12. Power and Energy Magazine Currently Subscribed
13. IEEE Transaction on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Currently Subscribed
14. IEEE Computer Magazine Currently Subscribed
15. IEEE Transactions on Computers Currently Subscribed
16 IEEE Transactions on Power Systems Currently Subscribed
17. IEEE Transcations on Smart Grid Currently Subscribed
18. IEEE/OSA Journal of Optical Communications and Netwroking Currently Subscribed
19. IEEE Photonics Society Newsletter Currently Subscribed
20. IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine Currently Subscribed
21. IEEE Transactions on Robotics Currently Subscribed
22. Electrical Insulation Magazine Currently Subscribed
23. Smart Grid New
24. Computational Intelligence Society New
25. Optical Communications & Networking New
26. Photnic Society Memberhip New
27. Robotics & Automation Society New
28. Robotics & Automation Society Magazine New
29. Robotics IEEE Transactions New
 30.  Computational Intelligence & AI in Games New
 31. Big Data New