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This is to inform all applicants that Admissions are closed in Pharm D degree program for semester Fall 2020.
This is to inform all applicants that second admission test (online) of HIET and HIMS degree programs will be held on 20th July, 2020.

Hamdard Insititute of Engineering & Technology

Fee Structure

BE (Electrical Engineering)

Semester Fee (Pkr) Semester Fee (Pkr)
1st 100,000 5th 79,800
2nd 79,800 6th 83,600
3rd 83,600 7th 79,800
4th 83,600 8th 76,000

BS (Computer Science)

Semester Fee(Pkr) Semester Fee(Pkr)
1st 65,800 5th 49,400
2nd 45,600 6th 51,300
3rd 47,500 7th 45,600
4th 49,400 8th 43,700


BCA  (Bachelor of Computer Arts) and B.S. Industrial Engineering Technologies

Semester Fee(Pkr) Semester Fee(Pkr)
1st 51,000 5th 34,000
2nd 34,000 6th 34,000
3rd 34,000 7th 34,000
4th 34,000 8th 34,000

For ME (2 Years)

Semester Fee(Pkr)
1st 81,000
2nd 60,800
3rd 38,000
4th 38,000


Limited Financial Support is provided in the form of Assistance- Ship, Hardship, Kinship in addition to scholarship awarding to the students obtaining 3.5 or above SGPA in the semester.

Hamdard University reserves the right to make amendment(s) in the fee structure without notice.