Faculty of Engineering Sciences & Technology

Extra-Curricular Activities

  1. A field trip was arranged on 2 Oct 2019 to High voltage and short circuit lab, NTDC, Rawat was arranged. There were total 24 students and three faculty members in the trip. The students were briefed about two major sections including the High power testing section and High volatge testing section.
  2. A trip was on 16 Oct 2019 to NTDC Grid Station Rawat. The students were given an overview of the working of grid station. The students observed different equipments like transformers, bus bars, circuit breakers etc.
  3. A Visit was arranged on 31 Oct 2019 to Food and Nutrition department at University of Lahore to have an overview of food testing facilities at their campus.
  4. A visit was arranged on 11 Dec2019 to TEO International Islamabad (Software House). The visit was arranged for BSCS students. Students were briefed by the staff of TEO in detail.