Name: Rabbiyah shams

Designation: Lecturer working as HOD

Qualifications: PhD scholar eastern medicine, M.Phil. phytomedicine

Area of specialization: Eastern medicine and herbal practice.

Name: Ejaz Rafique

Designation: lecturer

Qualifications: PhD scholar in Microbiology M.Phil Microbiology synergistic activity of medicinal plants against Microbes.

Area of specialization: Eastern medicine  and Medical Microbiology

Name: Fakhri ahmad

Designation: lecturer

Qualifications: BEMS + MPH

Area of specialization: Eastern medicine and herbal practice and public health

Name: Dr.Saba Chishti

Designation: Teaching Assistant

Area of Specialization: Dietitian ( BS in Human Nutrition and Dietetics)

Name: Sadia Ashraf

Designation: Academic Coordinator

Qualifications: M.Phil Environmental Sciences MSc Chemistry

Area of Specialization: Biochemistry